Established in 1984, Timothy J. Droney General Contractor has completed in many quality projects in Southern California. We are competent in all types of construction, including residential custom homes and renovations, as well as commercial construction and tenant improvement.

We also have experience in green building techniques, going back to 1984. We have extensive knowledge of building process requirements, and can facilitate the development of plans and designs for our clients.

With our extensive knowledge of permit requirements, we can assist in processing plans through the various municipalities. We foster strong relationships with the local craftsmen and suppliers, which can be essential to a successful project. We have an excellent record of bringing projects in on time and on budget.

"My focus is to place my client's needs first, and I take that responsibility seriously. It is satisfying to watch a project progress, especially when all the participants work together as a team to bring it to completion."

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6/15/2010 - First NAHB Green Certified Home in Ventura County nears completion

4/15/2010 - Droney & Associates, Inc. acquires EPA Lead Certification

1/18/2010 -Timothy Droney completes the NAHB "Green Construction for Building Professional Course"